This was a fascinating journey – I advise you go for it if you want to release some unhelpful stuff from the past and understand yourself better. 

Mr D, 41

Lizzy made me feel at ease straight away. She is non-judgemental and helped me understand my problem better – it all made perfect sense. All I can say is thank you 🙂

SL, 28

Just to say a very big thank you for everything you have said to me and for caring so much. You have changed my life. I have put the word around and told my friends and family all about you. Thank you again!

Kim Fisher - Confidence Driving

I approached Lizzy for help with my confidence which was really affecting my performance in jiu jitsu. If I thought my opponent had an advantage over me in some way then that was it for me, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. and that in turn would just knock my confidence more. 

Since seeing Lizzy everything has changed for me in my performance. I don’t even think about it any more. I find that I am winning fights more and more, and if I don’t, it doesn’t affect me negatively like it used to. I take it as an opportunity to learn instead rather than as evidence that I’m not good enough at it.

She has completely changed the way I think about things and how I react to things so I can just get on and enjoy life and not have to worry about how I look to others. 

I would highly recommend her. Cheers Lizzy!

Lee, 31

Confidence & Performance Anxiety

I went to see Lizzy for Anxiety, a feeling that stayed with me almost all my life. We had 4 sessions and the feeling that I once had is gone, i am so much lighter. It was unbelievable, we went back to where it started (the anxiety) and after doing some work there, it made the feeling go away.
I am a big skeptic and I was about this but it completely changed the way I think about it. IT WORKS!
I couldn’t rate Lizzy more, she was so patient and the way she found the core of the problem was very interesting and insightful.

L Novac, 26

Personal Trainer, Anxiety

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