Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Cognitive Hypnotherapy and traditional Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy is different from traditional hypnosis in that it won’t be based on me putting you into a deep trance or reading to you suggestions from a script. It is much more engaging and interactive for the client and involves a variety of techniques whilst you are in a very light trance state (much like that zoned out feeling whilst brushing your teeth in the morning!). I will guide you through a process which will enable you to access your unconscious mind and from there we will be able to get to work using visualisation, language patterns and memories.

The sessions will be tailored specifically to you meaning that Cognitive Hypnotherapy unlike traditional hypnotherapy acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and therefore the work we will do will be completely personalised. This makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy much more effective and longer lasting and it doesn’t assume that all presenting problems are the same.

I’ve had my problem for so long. Can I really change?

Yes, you can. The brain is plastic which means it can always be reworked. For example every time we learn a new piece of key information our memories are updated and our thinking and beliefs might change as a result. In the same way your problem can be updated to make it ‘not the problem’ anymore. It is possible to change our negative patterns of behaviour and thinking, insecurities, anxiety, phobias, addictions and anything else for that matter – even if you have lived with them since childhood.

I was trained by the founder of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy which is one of the only approaches to have taken part in an independent research project, which tested results against people using NHS therapy services, and found that an overwhelming 71% of our clients reported themselves recovered after a series of 6 sessions, compared to 41% of those using the NHS services.  For more on Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy click here

Will I lose control?

No, you will always be aware of what is going on and have total control over yourself at all times. Cognitive hypnotherapy does not involve the therapist having control over the client nor does the therapist have any special power but is there to act as a guide to enable the deep work that will allow you to let your problem go. You need never say or do anything you feel uncomfortable with and I will gently guide you should anything get too much for you at any point . It may be that you feel some strong emotions, but the aim will be to release them and change them for the better.

What about fees?

Single sessions £80

3 x sessions £220

The first session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours to allow for an in depth discussion and exploration into your problem so that I can then prepare a tailored treatment plan for you. Subsequent sessions last approximately an hour and I find that most clients require at least three sessions to get the changes they are seeking and to consolidate them fully. You can book single sessions or you can book a block of three (spaced over three weeks) to make a saving of £20. I don’t suggest you book more than three at once as you may not need any more than this. I will however always gladly support you more longer term as you require.